Liquid-Look Satin with Hand Painted Florals on Chartreuse

Made in Italy

46% Polyester 31% Acetate 23% Silk

One of the most luxurious and unique fabrics in our showroom, this Liquid-Look Satin is a true marvel of European textile design. Featuring a satin weave and an extraordinary hand-painted floral design, this fabric is heavy weight with a stiff drape, and filaments of acetate that run on the crossgrain for the ultimate "liquid" effect. These same filaments also modify the way the fabric drapes and moves, making it very similar to the popular "horse hair" trim that is use in apparel for all kinds of applications and finishes.You will feel dipped and draped in luxury in this glossy liquid-look satin.


SKU# 170476

$610.00 per yard

58" wide